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Along with the ability to produce and provide an affidavit of run we can also monitor the performance and usage of any charging kiosk at any of your locations around the world. Easily determine what trends are evolving around different kiosks so you can better target your on-premise customer-base. Traffic breakdowns specific to the month, week, day and hour as well as by device manufacturer and model gives in-depth details about your charging kiosks.

AdWave Insights Provides:

  • Project Management: Our team will engage with your team in the beginning of the project and remain engaged through the life of the relationship


  • Software Licensing/Upgrades: Provide all software licensing and upgrades through the life of the relationship


  • Kiosk Maintenance: Train on site partner regarding minor maintenance issues, primarily phone cord replacement or system reboot. Adwave365 will handle any monitor or computer related issues


  • Standard warranty: 1 year on monitors and computers all other components replaced at cost. Warranty and agreement only cover normal wear and tear and not neglect or damage


  • Secure Independent Internet Connection: An independent and secure internet connection is developed through cellular connectivity so as not to encroach on any existing internet connections. We utilize the same equipment as the lottery and bank ATM’s


  • Content Management and Delivery: Daily management of digital content and requirements as well as the delivery of content to kiosk through our secure network


  • Creative Services: We can provide a full service creative suite as required
  • 24/7 Monitoring through Secure Internet Connection: Our team is connected 24/7 through the secured network and monitors the uptime and any issues that may occur


  • Affidavit of Run Reports: This report is required sometimes by advertisers to verify run schedules to determine they are getting what they paid for


  • Kiosk Utilization Reports: This report allows the advertisers and venue the opportunity to see the engagement of their visitors with the kiosk


  • Data Collection: This is an optional program that allows visitors to opt in to a call to action and provide you with data such as, email, mailing address, telephone number etc. in return this data can be used to stay in touch with current and potential visitors

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