Why AdWave365?

Adwave365 is not just a machine manufacturer. We pride ourselves in offering a full-service solution. While others may offer some of these services in a fragmented fashion. Our mission is to create a long-term relationship and offer and deliver the required solution without adding work to your staff. We can stay engaged and allow your team to concentrate on your core business.


Our Project Solutions Team is available to help in evaluating, recommending opportunities and solutions to assist with Brand Recognition and Revenue Growth.


Revenue Retention: It’s a known fact that 110% of the public has an electronic device with them always. It is also a known fact that when these devices get low or have no battery power they will do just about anything to get them charged. When this happens in a POS (Point of Sales) or revenue generating facility it’s not a good thing. Chances are they will leave to recharge and reconnect with the outside world. This means potential and probable lost revenue.


Increased Brand Recognition/ Call to Action: Adwave365 has a network of kiosks throughout Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey with the potential of reaching over 3 billion people a year. We can provide your organization the ability to secure advertising space at a great rate to enhance brand recognition and provide a call to action to drive visitors to your venue(s).


Revenue Generation: Not only can we assist in revenue generation through enhanced advertising on our huge network. We can also assist in creating a revenue generating network within your venues through the sales of advertising on your internal network of kiosks.


Adwave365 is confident that we set ourselves apart from our competition because if chosen we remain engaged with our partners from start to  finish and their success is our success.


We don’t want to just sell machines we want to be part of the whole solution!


“After all your success is our brand.”

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